Oxford and Cambridge’s unique features and also the historic traditions

At universities of Oxford and Cambridge there is thus much to accomplish this in the english-language is even a particular expression seemed for them – Oxbridge (Oxbrige = Oxford + Cambrige). These colleges aren’t merely a symbol of the highest esteem and personal success. They are shrouded in historic and miraculous cultures. Certainly, this type of number of customs, traits and special functions don’t provide their students greater than any British university.

Education alone

None of the UK Colleges does not educate learners in one-onone as they do in Oxford. Personal consultations in these universities with the Oxford Cambridge instructors and superiors are believed as the most critical kind of instruction.

School system

Oxford are not the only college in britain, which are divided in to schools – in the School of Durham, this type of program is used for example. However they are the only establishments of higher-education, by which understanding takes place directly in the college. Every college has an unique educational staff, and, depending on the subject, a substantial quantity of classes visits school.



At other official activities along with the examinations Oxbridge has used an original corporate dress-code. For men it is really a match, bright clothing and bowtie, women – a black sweater or slacks having a shirt that is white.

Latin graduation ceremony

The main university ceremony, such as the story of graduate degrees that were awarded used in Latin. This history is still living nowadays, despite the fact that almost all pupils do not make use of this lifeless language and don’t know more. Sudden questions throughout the preliminary interview.

Now, several universities are currently interviewing candidates inperson, but do not require had was able to acquire a name, like Oxford and Cambridge. Collection committees of the colleges typically ask candidates confusing, provocative and complicated dilemmas, such as the sudden: “tell me of a blueberry.”

School authorities

Until 2003, the 2 schools had their very own police, it’s for preserving purchase on-campus responsible. Currently, their particular forces are just in Cambridge.

Rowing games

Contests are also organized by different colleges but not one of them has realized esteem and such a high popularity. The annual contest between your two universities established fact all over the world, attracting 1000s of even transmitted live and visitors.

Blue jackets

Oxbridge students obtain the privileges to don blue jackets if they have a benefit the university in the highest level in any sport. Additional schools also consult such prizes – for example, light purple coat at Durham School and the University of London – violet.

In regards to the Author Gerrop can be a student. Cambridge is studied at by him.


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